Produce Your Signature Product or Program In Less Than 90 Days in the Product Creation Program That Started It All

For A Price So Low You’ll Thonk Yourself On The Forehead In Disbelief And A Special Bonus* That Will Explode Your Business.

The New 90 Day Product Factory will begin Feb.7, 2011
From: Michael Port, Bucks County, PA and Mitch Meyerson, Scottsdale, AZ 
Re: Your Signature Product or Program

Note: The winner of a free spot in the Product Factory is Kathy Gerstorff. Amazing, a free spot just for attending one of our preview calls! Nicely done Kathy! Email us to get registered.

Dear Product Creator,

You want to have your own business or you already have a business but you’re finding the clutter and competition in the market place discouraging. And to make matters worse, you’re starting to realize that people are not flocking to buy your products and services.

You may have the potential. You’ve been told that you’re good at what you do, and because you have such a way with people, you’ll eventually attract your ideal clients and customers. But how long are you willing to wait? Or, more to the point, how long can you wait? And when you do stack up a few clients, will it be enough to support the lifestyle you desire?

Deep down in your heart of hearts, twinges of doubt sneak in. You may have amassed followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook but are they really paying attention? Do you have something remarkable enough to grab their attention? As Seth Godin says, if you’re not remarkable, you’re invisible. One of the fastest ways to get people talking about you is to produce something worth talking about. We can help you do that.

Over the past decade we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you create products and programs that, not only do your marketing for you, but make your name in the world.

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You’ve seen it for yourself! And you’ve secretly wished you could do it too. But, many people are intimidated by product creation. Understandably. It seems like a massive endeavor but it’s amazingly simple when you know the secrets. In the Product Factory, we will hold your hand and walk you, step-by-step, through the process so you too can reap the rewards of getting your product or program to the market in less than 90 days.

You’ll be spoon fed the tactics and strategies that earned us coaching revenues of seven figures, as well as develop critically acclaimed coaching programs, book and audio sales in 34 countries and guest television and radio appearances, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and regular appearances on MSNBC and CNBC.

Name Sheri Rowland,
Sheri Rowland

This is the most in-depth, encouraging and thorough program that I have ever taken… thoroughly planned out from A-Z with everything you need to do to get an incredible product out there to your target audience.

You are taken by the hand and walked through every step of the way. And then for more incredible support and encouragement, you get hand picked top enthusiastic leaders that take care of all the minute steps.

They have set this program up to NOT fail by keeping you on track every step of the way. I have wanted to get a product out there but never really knew where to begin. The Product Factory has done just that… I could not have done this without the Product Factory!!! Thank you from the bottom of my HEART!!

Once you've completed your product you'll be listed on the Product Factory Mall. Imagine what it will be like to have your product listed on our website for all the world to see:


Name Julia Ferguson,
Julia Ferguson

No more thinking BIG without the DOING part! The coolest bit in this whole gig? I am no longer a member of a team of One! My project has gained the support, insight, feedback and suggestions from my assigned team, the other teams in the program and, when needed, from the two Guru’s themselves.

Seriously, I know now that I will no longer just be “thinking” about having products for sale…

I HAVE PRODUCTS FOR SALE! Dear M & M, thank you deeply for providing a structure that has allowed me to create additional income streams to my business. If you ever need someone to sing from the rooftops about you both…I’m there!

Name Travis Greenlee,
Business Design and Development Coach

Hey Michael & Mitch, Travis Greenlee here… Whew! I don’t even know where to begin… How about starting with, the Product Factory absolutely ROCKS! I’m so inspired! As a full time marketing coach and consultant, I’ve seen just about every e-learning program out there. I can honestly say that you have created a masterpiece! It amazes me that with a group of over 125 participants, that you’ve been able to create and maintain a warm and friendly, yet highly energizing environment.

The product factory is action oriented, focus driven and produces powerful results. Within a 45-day period, I produced not only one, but two projects and as a result, I’ve increased my income by over $4,200 a month.

As you can imagine, I’m ecstatic! I highly recommend this program to anyone committed to making a difference in the lives of those they touch. Thanks again guys, looking forward to working with you again soon!

Name Rex Elleray,
Rex Elleray
Million Dollar Business Programme

I have just completed Week 5 of the Product Factory Program. I can’t recall when I last felt so energized and enthused. The content is like finding gold nuggets. The content is presented in a structure that is challenging but digestible. Each week I have several strategies I can use immediately.

The addition of small team action groups is inspiring. For me you have elegantly solved the question of “How do we help people actually use and integrate new knowledge into every day results?”

For anyone looking to translate an idea into a product or service I unreservedly recommend they enroll in the Product Factory just as fast as they can. One final thought – these comments are from someone who is a “hard marker”. To your continued success

Name Jane Johnson,

The Product Factory scores a WOW on my scale of cool stuff! Your program is beyond amazing and inspiring. You’ve created a perfect environment for me to flourish using all my strengths to achieve amazing results that have translated into fabulous business opportunities and new product creation. You’ve found the secret for bringing out the best in people by creating a high energy, supportive and collaborative environment.


Again, don’t take it from us, listen to your fellow product creators

Name Gail Stone,

For someone who is never short of words, I have to say that I’m “nearly” speechless over the amazing value and extreme practicality offered in the wealth of information the Product Factory has provided so far and we have many weeks to go. Can’t wait!

The good news is that I’ve regained my speech/gathered my thoughts enough to say – RUN, DON’T WALK TO THENEXT PRODUCT FACTORY COURSE!!!

This is an experience which will not only literally shift the way you do business and think about creating and promoting products and programs, but it will also have a significant impact on how you operate in life.

Name Andy Wibbels,
Blogger, Author

I just had to call and tell you what a fantastic time I’m having with the product factory. You’ve put together a crack team of experts and a whole library of resources, tools and tips to keep me keeping on. My e-book and seminar are coming together faster than I ever could have imagined and I’m getting great support from the other participants. If you want to get something done – you’ve gotta enroll in the Product Factory

Name Sandee Abern,

This program is beyond description!!! I have been to many seminars, classes, etc. but usually go home and forget what I have learned or heard. With this program that will be impossible!

Michael and Mitch have created an information packed, hands-on situation that is the most complete learning experience ever. The support, resources and discussions are wonderful and more is added literally on a daily basis.

The great thing is that if you do the program and follow their lead in just 90 days you have actually created a product. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks to both of you, I am on a creating roll!

Name Susan Johnstone,

Dear Mitch and Michael,

I want to thank you both SO much for the whole Product Factory experience! I’ve tried to create a product before and could never seem to do it on my own. And now that I’ve experienced this level of support and collaboration, I’ll never create a solo product again!

I knew when I saw the structure and content you were laying out that I’d create a good product here, but what I NEVERexpected was how much this would change the way I feel about myself, my work and the value that I’m offering to people.

The process of pulling out what I actually know, and figuring out who needs and wants it most and why, and what the benefits are for them, has made me realize that I’ve been sitting on a goldmine of great content!

And understanding the full value of what I know has absolutely changed the way I see and value myself, and my work, and it’s taken me to a whole new level professionally. I thought it would take me years to get here, and here I am in just over 2 months! This is priceless to me!

I look back to November now, when I signed up, and I realize that this was the best decision I made all year. I can’t thank you enough for what the Product Factory has changed in me, and in my business. There’s just nowhere for me to go from here but UP!

Name Dr. John Stephenson,
Business Design and Development Coach

We’re a little more than half way through the program. My idea of helping teens make a successful transition to college is becoming more and more of a reality. The 90 Day Product program has provided me with several things:
- Support from others with similar goals.

- My own mastermind group.

- Experts and resources to call upon.

In economic terms, I have received what I would value at thousands of dollars worth of advice, expertise, and motivation, for a fraction of the cost. And we’ve still got four weeks to go. Oh yes, and one more thing; it’s a blast!

Name Jeanette Kraar,

The Product Factory is a program that blows the doors off the term “under promise and over deliver”. All you need is an idea and the Factory will help you bring it to fruition. It’s like having a huge cross-functional team at your fingertips with a vast amount of collective wisdom.

You’ll be amazed by the amount of resources and support that will shorten your learning curve and fast forward your development. Whatever your product is worth to you — I’m here to tell you, the Product Factory is priceless!

Why Will Our Product Creation Program Be So Effective For You?

It’s Been Proven Again And Again To Be Far More Effective Than Any Other Method For Creating Your Product Or Program.

The quickest method to create and produce your own product or program and become successful is to find someone who is successful, and simply do what they do. It really is that simple. And as Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

If you take the time to learn our proven system, business practices and methods, and apply what you learn, you will potentially get the same exact results. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. As long as you listen and follow the advice of people who have “been there, done that,” you have it made.

You learn from our successes. You learn about our failures — and how to avoid them. You gain intimate and firsthand knowledge of what we’ve done and gone through to achieve the level of success we enjoy — the same level of success you are looking for and deserve.

Why Is This SO Important? Well, Here’s What We Have Been Able To Achieve By Creating Products And Programs Over The Last Few Years...

Mitch Meyerson is a visionary and the co-creator of 9 critically acclaimed books and that have sold well over 150,000 copies in 26 languages as well 5 online programs. They include…Mitch Meyerson

  • The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, which has trained over 300 coaches in Guerrilla Marketing techniques
  • The World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program and author or co-author of…
    • Success Secrets Of The Social Media Marketing Superstars
    • Mastering Online Marketing
    • Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet
    • Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines
    • Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars
    • World Class Speaking
    • When Parents Love Too Much, which has sold over 70,000 copies world-wide, including 12 foreign countries
    • When Is Enough Enough
    • Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire
    • Co-Author of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars
    • The Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit Home Study Program, an audio e-book designed for the small business owner
  • As an experienced musician and songwriter he plays in the Scottsdale area and has created new CD of original music called Your Passion Inside
  • He has won awards for his audio and musical productions for leading advertising agencies
  • Mitch is continually creating new products and programs for the psychology and business markets and is a sought after public speaker, writer, consultant and musician

book Book Book Book Book Book Book Book Book





Michael Port is a New York Times Bestselling author of
four books including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid,
The Contrarian Effect
and The Think Big Manifesto.

Called “an uncommonly honest author" by the Boston
Globe and a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal
his books have been translated into over 17 languages and
have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Michael can be seen regularly on MSNBC and receives the highest
overall speaker ratings at conferences around the world. Why? Because his mission is to rally you to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.

He is the creator of the Think Big Revolution, an online social network of over 5000 big thinkers, the co-creator of Traffic School, an Internet marketing and sales course,
and the creator of the Book Yourself Solid 15-Week Intensive, a highly acclaimed coaching program for service professionals on securing clients systematically, automatically and on demand.

In fact, Michael has created too many information products and programs to list here. At last count it was around 37.

Diverse in his personal life as well, Michael blends his yoga teaching past with his martial art present—holding the rank of black belt in Aikido and blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With all this success, his most significant accomplishment and responsibility is probably just like yours, the job of being a devoted parent, son, friend, and citizen.







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But Before You Go Any Further,

 Here’s Something You Must Know…

There are three reasons you might not have created your product or program in the past…

  1. You are not sure exactly what product or program to create that will actually make you money and establish your credibility as an expert in your field.

  2. You don’t have a step-by-step system for how to create a content-rich product or program.

  3. You do not have the support and accountability structures in place to systematically and automatically complete your product or program.

At the 90 Day Product Factory we will provide you with specific solutions in all three of these critically important areas.

We Want You To Carefully Think About What Leads To The Success Of Participants In A Group Coaching Program…

  • Are the leaders walking the talk? Do your coaches play as big as you want to play, with integrity?
  • Are the participants committed to achieving a big result?

  • Is there a structure of accountability that guarantees you do what you say you’re going to?

  • Is there a system for tracking and attaining measurable results?

  • Are there motivational strategies and systems to keep enthusiasm at the highest level?


What Makes The Product Factory So Special? 

The People, The Experts And The Experience…

The people who participate in The Product Factory are by far what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Many of our product creators are people who are already highly successful, and come to continue their education and gain new information, and as important, to network and build their businesses. And we also have many people who are excited (and a little bit nervous) to create their very first product. How exciting!

Imagine your chance to rub shoulders with people who are already “making it.” People who are not only in the program with you and are ready and willing to learn just like you, but also have diverse skills, knowledge and resources you can share, partner with and tap into. But let us be more specific…

1. The People

The Leaders

The opportunities for networking are limitless. If you don’t finish with Joint Ventures and new relationships in hand… then you must have been asleep at the wheel.

In fact, even in our very first Product Factory in 2004, we know that 122 products and programs were created, ranging from “How to Build a Healthy Medical Practice From The Inside Out” to “How To Create Your Own Healthy Fast Food Kitchen” to “The Dissertation Process for Intelligent Dummies” to “Get a Grip and Go!®: Five Simple Steps to Getting What You Want”…and the list goes on and on.

The number of products and programs that have been created and the number of businesses that have started, grown and flourished in The Product Factory wouldn’t have been possible without the networking, energy and support of the participants involved. It’s truly a team effort. You’ll never feel alone.

You’ll always have incredible business owners ready to share their perspective. When you’re playing with so many like-minded, eager-to-grow people with diverse skills and resources, the opportunity to create your next big breakthrough is there!

2. The Leaders

We’ve already told you a bit about us but what you don’t know is that we also bring you phenomenal guest experts as well. If there is something we don’t know we bring you the best of the best.

Each time we bring another expert the product creators are thrilled at the jam-packed quality and content that never seems to end. The information they freely give is worth its weight in gold. They can take the most complex product creation and marketing strategies and lay it out for you in such simple language, you’ll be left with a skip in your step and a grin on your face.

3. The Experience

The PeopleAnd last, but not least, the EXPERIENCE. We strive to give you the best learning experience, for you to gain the most from our acclaimed program. We also give you ample time to network as much as you want in a way that cannot be beat.

We use state-of-the-art technology as well as provide you with ample opportunity to mingle with, respond to, ask questions of others during your fantastic 12-week excursion with us.

Bottom-line, the overall experience you get will be made up of memories you won’t soon forget. One of the hallmarks of the Product Factory is our groundbreaking accountability and motivation teams. Once you register you will select a team best suited to your product creation goals. Each team becomes its own personal mastermind and support system. The bonds built on these teams are so powerful that many graduates have stayed connected with their team buddies years after their Product Factory experience.

Experience The Product Factory: 90 Days to a Signature Product or Program...


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Here’s How We Make It Possible For You To Create Your Signature Product Or Program In Only 90 Days…

If you follow the paint-by-the-numbers, step-by-step 90 day curriculum, you’ll have forgotten more about how to produce your signature product or program than most people have learned in a lifetime!

All main calls with Michael and Mitch are on Mondays. And, of course, all calls are recorded and made immediately available in our online learning center. (Everyone has to miss a call from time to time. That's normal.)

1 FEB. 7, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Touring the Factory and Choosing Your Product with your Audience and Sales Cycle in Mind.

Week 1 is designed to aid you in defining your product or program, assessing the needs in your market place and making sure that you’ve chosen the right product for today’s marketplace.


2 FEB. 14, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Simple Rules for Producing and Managing Remarkable Products

Week 2 will help you organize your work, stay on track and produce more than you ever have before. You will learn proven product management principles that will guide and ensure your success on every project you do hereafter.


3 FEB. 21, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Creating Compelling Content

We take the guesswork out of content creation, the #1 biggest fear for most product creators, and lead you to an organized and effective framework for your product or program.


4 FEB. 28, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Week 4: Q&A Open Coaching

This is an extra chance to get feedback directly from Michael and Mitch to ensure you’re making the right decisions and creating a saleable product or program.



5 MARCH 7, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Making Your Packaging Stand Out in a Crowded Market

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Using the principles of psychology and persuasion, we will show you how to create packaging that gets prospects to respond… and look really cool.



6 MARCH 14, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Video and Audio Production

With the explosion of video and audio on the web, it’s critically important that you understand the best ways to create these types of products. We have enlisted the top technical experts in the field to teach you everything you need to know about audio and video, digital delivery, and more.


7 MARCH 21, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Delivery Systems

Many new product developers often get confused around taking money and delivering products. In this session, we will demystify this topic and show you exactly what you need to do to earn money and deliver products worldwide.



8 MARCH 28, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Q&A and Coaching

Once again, it’s critically important that you are on track. Week 8 is an another chance to get feedback directly from Michael and Mitch to ensure you’re making the right decisions and creating a saleable product or program.


9 APRIL 4, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Launching your Product

Once your product is complete just slapping it online won’t put much money in your pocket. We’ll teach you how to organize a launch that builds buzz and get’s people primed and itching to buy your product.


10 APRIL 11, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Promoting Your Product

Week 10 will reveal the simplest, most direct marketing strategies to increase visibility and make your name in the world. Includes offline and online marketing strategies such as social media and affiliate promotions.


11 APRIL 18, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Q&A Coaching

Get final feedback before you release your product to the world. Week 11 is another chance to get feedback directly from Michael and Mitch to ensure you’re making the right decisions and creating a saleable product or program.


12 APRIL 25, 2011
3-4:30pm ET

Product Unveilings and Product Factory Award Ceremony

Our final week brings us to The Product Factory Awards Ceremony and Product Unveilings. Plus, the Product Factory BIG Promotional Mailing…

We’ll Promote Your Product For You!

See your finished product promoted to over 50,000 of our dedicated newsletter subscribers. This could considerably increase your visibility and launch your product. Once you’ve completed your product you’ll be listed on the home page of the Product Factory Mall. Imagine what it will be like to have your product listed on one of our websites for all the world to see.

Here Are The Resources, Materials, And Group Connections You’ll Get As Soon As You Enroll…

  • 12 weekly intensive tele-conferences with Michael Port and Mitch Meyerson on all the content-rich topics that you get your product done.
  • 12 Comprehensive learning guides and facilitation assignments that walk you step-by-step through the course ensuring you stay focused and results-oriented every step of the way.
  • 12 weekly collaborative and connected small group team calls with a Product Factory Team Leader to reinforce your learning and facilitate the group mastermind and accountability to clinch your success.
  • 12 hours of original Product Factory audio recordings of every web conference with Mitch and Michael so that you can review all materials frequently to enhance your learning.
  • Private access to The Product Factory online learning center, a new cutting-edge environment for research, learning, networking, creating and meeting new friends (also used by the top universities in the world).
  • 12 professionally designed, animated, detailed, content-rich PowerPoint and PDF presentations to help visual learners quickly assimilate new information.

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But It Doesn’t End There…

Not only are you participating in a sequential, structured course, each week you will be able to download your weekly assignments, homework, and audio files for each session. Even if you miss a class you will be able to stay right on track and get the results you want.

And look how easy it is to download your product creation tools right from our Product Factory site!


But It Doesn’t End There…

You’ll Have Your Very Own Product Factory Accountability Team

Your Product Factory Accountability Team will be key in completing your product and making the right choices. Success in product creation, as well as every other business endeavor, depends on consistent action and accountability.

It is here that the Product Factory is head and shoulders above every other program.

For example, in our most recent Product Factory, we had 156 participants divided into 8 teams. Each team was led by a seasoned coach providing support, accountability, structure and community to keep the product creators moving forward throughout the 12 weeks.

That round of teams was called “The Superstars,” “The Developeers,” “The Five Star Creators,” “The Newbold Navigators,” “The Incredibles,” and “The Producers.” We are consistently blown away at the high level interaction and networking that occurs in the small, personal and individualized groups.

We have found that this level of public presence and accountability keeps product creators motivated, on track and fulfilling their promises.

The Product Factory Boasts a Highly Interactive Mastermind and Networking Community

In just one Product Factory, within the first 8 weeks of the program there were over 2086 posts connecting product creators with inspiration, brainstorming, support and accountability. Plus you can share resources, promote yourself, or get a little R&R by chillin’ in the Product Factory Lounge.

If you’re looking for new friends or business partners, there is no better place than The Product Factory Communities, open only to product creators in this one-of-a-kind environment.

You’ll Also Receive Immediate Access to the Product Factory Resource Center
The resource section contains our favorite and most profitable Internet resources.

The Product Factory has developed partnerships with some of the top production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, fulfillment and sales resources out there today. And we are constantly adding new resources along the way!

Whether you’re looking for top quality graphics, web design, audio, video, fulfillment services, shopping carts or web hosts, The Product Factory Resource section will provide links to the tools you need to not only create your product, but also get it out to the world in an impactful way.

And Remember… The Extra Big Bonus…If You Complete Your Product Or Program In 90 Days, We Will Promote It To Over 50,000 Potential Buyers

Once you’ve completed your product you’ll be listed on the Product Factory Mall. (Imagine what it will be like to have your product listed here for all the world to see.

And Not Only that… 

As a product creator in the Product Factory you have the opportunity to lead your own bonus calls and position yourself as an expert.

Wanna Know How You Can Get Into
The Product Factory 100% FREE?

You’ll be eligible for our super affiliate program, where you can earn 20% for each person your refer to The Product Factory.

After you register we’ll give you the rare opportunity to participate at absolutely ZERO cost by simply getting a few of your friends or colleagues to join in on the experience. This is done via our affiliate program and you can profit from it.

And check this the start of the program, we have a special awards ceremony where we reward the top affiliates for helping us make The Product Factory a huge success. Maybe YOU will be our top affiliate. In fact, whether you refer one friend or 100, you’ll be rewarded. It doesn’t get any better.


By Now You’re Probably Wondering How Much It’ll Cost To Be A Part Of Such A Content-Rich, Supportive, Dynamic Community Of People, Who Not Only Think Big About Who They Are But About How They Can Help Others

The price for the 12-Week intensive Product creation program is $1199.

But wait…the first 75 people to enroll GET A $400 DISCOUNT! This won't last long!

As someone who plans ahead, and gets the best deals because of it, you pay only $199 today with 3 more monthly payments.

Again, that’s a savings of $400. After 75 people have registered the price will immediately increase. This could be today or tomorrow so sign up now.

We think you’ll agree after you finish reading this page that the real price of the course could be 10 times what we’re asking.

Why on earth would we price it so low?

Because we want to remove any and all barriers that are holding you back from creating your own signature product and selling it for profit. You need to position yourself as an expert within your field and create multiple streams of passive revenue for yourself.

We realize that this collection of audio, video, e-book, e-course, teleclass, production, sales and marketing resources, plus live tele-seminars with Michael, Mitch and other guest experts, and an interactive community of peers to mastermind and succeed with could easily sell for thousands of dollars.

So what’s the catch? There is none. Just pure proven methods of product creation and marketing from the best minds in the world coupled with the love, energy and support of people who truly care about you and your professional future.

In many of the courses you take, you end up getting audio links and .pdf files that you probably will never look at again. In this course, our singular mission is tangible – to have you conceive of and produce a product or program that will make your name in the world and ultimately significantly increase your revenue.

Once Again, Here’s What You’re Going To Receive When You Register For The Product Factory: 90 Days To A Signature Product Or Program

  • 12 weekly intensive tele-conferences with Michael Port and Mitch Meyerson on all the content-rich topics that you get your product done.
  • 12 Comprehensive learning guides and facilitation assignments that walk you step-by-step through the course ensuring you stay focused and results-oriented every step of the way.
  • 12 weekly collaborative and connected small group team calls with a Product Factory Team Leader to reinforce your learning and facilitate the group mastermind and accountability to clinch your success.
  • 12 hours of original Product Factory audio recordings of every web conference with Mitch and Michael so that you can review all materials frequently to enhance your learning.
  • Private access to The Product Factory online learning center, a new cutting-edge environment for research, learning, networking, creating and meeting new friends (also used by the top universities in the world).
  • 12 professionally designed, animated, detailed, content-rich PowerPoint and PDF presentations to help visual learners quickly assimilate new information.
  • The Best Web Hosts, Designers, Autoresponders, Copywriters, etc. Save time and money by getting it right the first time. Even where to go for your merchant accounts… saving you thousands of dollars in wasted expense over the next few years of your business.
  • The best internet marketing tools and resources including, audio, video and more to help you gain maximum exposure in your target market.
  • Everything you need to produce your own audio products right from your computer even if you’re techno-phobic
  • The best resources on the internet for all of your web automation need. Taking all the wasteful manual labor out of your business so you can get on with doing the things you love.
  • A direct line to the most effective, respected and trusted virtual assistants in the business so you can finally be more than an administrator and really do big things in the world.
  • Resources on copywriting and trademarking your signature products so they won’t be stolen out from under you while you’re trying to find out what we already know and are willing to give you immediate access to.

We Want You To Do Big Things

Think About This For A Moment...

What we offer at The Product Factory: 90 Days to a Signature Product or Program, is real world value and worth its weight in pure gold.

Lives have been changed from the experience we provide. We pride ourselves on walking the talk with product creation and we want you to do the same. Our rave reviews and case studies are proof positive that this program is real steal.

90 Day to a Signature Product

Register today so that you can get a $400 discount because you’re one of the first 75 people to enroll. Pay only $199 today...

4 Paymnents

Or, pay in full and take $425 off the regular price.

1 Payments

If you have any questions about the program please email us right away or call TOLL FREE at (877) 279-5220.

In just a few weeks from the start of the program, you’ll be amazed when you look back at what you’ve accomplished. You’ll be truly amazed and so proud.

Best of Success,

Mitch Meyerson and Michael Port


PHONE: 877-279-9220

P.S. – It’s now your turn to make the decision to take that first step. We will support you all the way, and show you and teach you what you need to know in order for you to create an information product for money, image and success. Enroll now!

P.P.S. – Don’t forget… you can start earning IMMEDIATE PROFITS with our Affiliate Program. We’ve created an opportunity for you to participate in this program for FREE! To become an affiliate and earn cash now go here.